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MemphisPHP Talk - Intro to PhalconPHP

Phillip Jackson - 2014-06-27 01:24:14
Sharing Slides from Memphis PHP User Group Talk

Me at Memphis PHP

Memphis PHP User Group

Late last week, I was asked to speak at a PHP Users Group in Memphis, TN about PhalconPHP. I was quite nervous, at first, but that soon turned to pure elation. See, I have never attended a User Group meeting, much less spoke at one. Nor did I ever think I would speak at one. But there I was; being offered the opportunity to not only speak at a meeting, but speak about a framework and topic that I truly care about.

Then it hit me. The topic of Phalcon and web performance in general is not a lite topic! And the two are not topics that I think should be taken lightly. So, just to be safe, I stuck more to what Phalcon is, why it is built the way it is and how to get it and Phalcon Devtools installed and running in your environment. I have always had a interest in performance, mainly front end, but over the last 6 months or so, that interest has turned more to the back end. Both are VERY important, but I think that most devs do not give enough credit to each. A finely tuned web site or app is hard. And I do not have the answers to all the questions that surround how to achieve the perfect balance. But, I am experimenting, breaking, fixing and learning.

Without anymore dillie daddling, here are the slides....

Overall Reception

Everyone was just awesome! Each person there was actually pretty interested about the topic, mainly after they found out that Phalcon is more than just another framework. Yeah, it's a framework, but it's also a mindset. I was able to talk, at great length, with many of the members there about why that mindset is important and why they should care about performance. Surprisingly, many there had really not even played with HHVM, which really surprised me. Everyone asked really good questions and surprisingly, I was able to answer each and every one. Scary huh? On top of all this, I got to meet two local devs that I have followed on Twitter for about a year and a half, Joe Ferguson and Jeremy Kendall. Both are devs that I have looked up to for awhile, and meeting both of you was a real treat. I also got to meet lots of new devs and made some new friends. Always a plus!

Even though I only showed a very few code samples from my personal explorations and projects(not in the slides), I look forward to possibly going back and actually doing some coding with everyone and showing off what Phalcon can do by building a small project followed by some live testing. Heck! I want to go back and just hang out!

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